SCECA Business Class for Contractor Members ONLY

Meeting Details


Thursday, April 20, 2023


7:00 PM


Courtyard Marriott
5000 Express Dr. S, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
(Next to Red Lobster and Smokey Bones)

Program Topic:

SCECA will be hosting Dan Nelson of Milwaukee Tools, who will be displaying and demonstrating the battery-operated tools and PPE that provide "Electrical Solutions", as shown on the Milwaukee Tools website. This is a great opportunity to check out Milwaukee products such as: heavy cable cutters, crimping tools, torque wrenches and so much more.

Vendor of the month:

Monarch Electric Co.

Food Provided By:


Educational Class
Date: Thursday, April 20th, 2023
Time: 6:30 PM

Presentation by Ryan Eden from Zabell & Collotta, P.C.

Do you own an electrical contracting business?
Do you or will you have employees?
YES?!!! If so…
You Need to Know the State Laws so that Yo u Do Not Get Sued!
How do you pay your employees?
Salary? Hourly Rate? Overtime?
This is the information you have been waiting for!
What You NEED To Know to Improve the Way You Run Your Business
Free 45 Minute Class by Ryan Eden, Esquire

Meeting Minutes



S.C.E.C.A. General Membership Meeting Minutes


There were approximately 49 members in attendance.  Those Officers and Board of Directors present were: Rob Szalay, Robert Tschoke, Dave Kennedy, Scott Eastman, Ralph Lambiase, Brian McAuliff, Joe Mikulas, Jack Morrell, Tom Orlando and Mahesh Panchal.


Excused: All were present.


Called to Order:  7:35 p.m.


David Kennedy led the Pledge of Allegiance.  A motion to accept the General Meeting Minutes of 3/16/23 was made by Ralph Lambiase and seconded by Rob Tschoke.


**President’s Report:


Rob S. reported everyone enjoyed the presentation given by Ryan Eden.  We will have a program like this every month before our general meeting.  Let us know if you want a particular topic.  He has nothing to report right now.  His president’s report is usually in the newsletter.




Treasurer’s Report:  Tom Orlando


Tom O. reported for the month ending March 2023 the income was $2,572.22 and the expenses for the month were $11,441.60.  As far as dues go, our fiscal year ends June 30.  So, July 1 bills will be going out.  Please pay your dues sooner than later.  We have a CEH Class on April 29.  We still have some space left to sign up.  The TPSF is still open for any donations.  All looks good financially.  It is great to see a nice crowd.  A motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report was made by Jason Goetz and seconded by Jack Morrell.


Secretary’s Report:  David Kennedy


Dave said good turn out tonight.  Nice seeing everybody.  The SCECA, NEL and 5-Boro have met in the past, about 5/6 years ago where we share ideas and thoughts.  We will be setting up a meeting again next month.  It is for the Board and Officers to meet to help each other out with running the association.  As far as TPSF, we have a couple of applicants that are qualified.  The Board will be picking a winner at the next BOD meeting and notify the winner.  The scholarship is $1,000.  Tom O. said we do have students sitting in the back that could apply. Rob S. said the deadline to apply has already passed.  Joe asked Dave to specify where the $1,000 goes.  Dave said it goes directly to the school they will be attending.  A motion to accept the Secretary’s report was made by Mahesh Panchal and seconded by Brian McAuliff.


Legal Counsel:  Michael Ganz


Mike Ganz was not present.


Insurance: Patti Muldoon from Borg & Borg, Wally Boorum from Sunrise Benefits Solutions, Diane Mullahey-Senior from Executive Ins. & Financial Svcs. 


Patti reported insurance premiums are continuing to increase.  Rob S. if anyone has any questions, please approach her after the meeting.  Wally was not present.  Rob S. mentioned we have another insurance consultant: Diane of Executive Insurance.  Diane said she is right here in Bohemia.  She mentioned since Ryan Eden may have scared you with the labor laws, there is an insurance product called Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) that cover you for discrimination, sexual harassment, and wrongful employment (both hiring and firing) and things of that nature.  If anyone is interested in something like that, speak to her after the meeting and she will give you more information.


PROGRAMS:  Milwaukee Tools Reps. Dan Nelson and Austin Marotta gave an informative presentation on their products.  They displayed and demonstrated battery operated tools and PPE.  They went over safety regulations.  They discussed their standardized tools on their M18 platform:  knockouts, cable puller, cable stripper, angler, cutter, crimper.  Many of their tools are being made in the US.  They just opened a full hand tool factory so all their hand tools will be made in the USA.  They have a great warranty.  On the M18 Line (trade focused) – 5 yr. on tools and 3 yr. on batteries. On the M12 Line (sub-compact tools specifically built to go anywhere -lightweight, ergonomic design) – 3 yrs. on tools and 2 yr. warranty on the battery.  They have three types of tools:  brush for homeowners, brushless and fuel for contractors.  They have die and die-less crimpers.  They have safety triggers on some larger tools like bandsaws.   Must use two hands, if one hand is off the trigger it stops.  Rotary hammers, drill drivers and impact drivers  all have auto stop.  Once it goes 45 degrees it automatically stops.  They have 3 different battery types:  M12, M18 and MX which is larger battery – 72v.  Their generator runs on MX battery – has 2 batteries and 1 battery runs at a time.  It has no cords and no harmful emissions.  They showed their MX light which has 3 settings.  They also sell hard hats, gloves, vests, etc.- all US made.  Their safety gloves are attached to their hard hats.  All their accessories are interchangeable.  They are ANSI and OSHA approved.  They took questions during the presentation.  Any other questions please speak to them after the meeting.


Joe Casalino and his son Joseph of Monarch Electric put together a solutions package.  They did a slide show.  They work on Long Island, New Jersey and Westchester area.  They have eight locations and 25 trucks.  They have a flatbed with a boom lift and they also do nighttime deliveries.  They have 150,000 square foot warehouse.  They have a show room in Port Washington.  They have large MC and underground feeders, reel rover, mechanized parallel machine $200 rental, job site cages free of charge where you can store your tools and inventory(it can also be rolled around), fixture carts (each cart holds 12 2X4 fixtures or 24 2X2).  They check the fixtures for any damage, wrap them and then load them on the cart.  So, you do not have to deal with any cardboard or damage.  They have a pipe bender located in Boston which can bend up to 4-inch pipe.  Joseph then showed examples of different bends.  They have premade nipples ½” to 4”.  Their turnaround time is 2 to 3 days.  They are a Generac distributor.  They sell EV chargers.  They currently have Loop EV chargers.  They have dedicated commercial lighting team I Hauppauge; they will project manage with you. They have a switchgear department and will project manage with you also.  They will answer any questions after the meeting.


Surprise Guests:  Phil Rosen and Willie Titterton.  Both retired Nassau County policemen.  They are on the Licensing Board in North Hempstead.  There is a big problem with unlicensed contractors.  They are trying to address this problem.  After researching the ordinance that was written they realized it is defective.  It does not state what happens if you do unlicensed work.  When they spoke at the North Hempstead and Oyster Bay meetings, they got nowhere.  NEL and SCECA suffer from the same thing.  They want to educate the public so they will use only licensed contractors.  They are looking to do radio ads.  Maybe do News 12.  If they form a non-profit organization with NEL and SCECA, they can get public service time.  They want to put pressure on the politicians to get the law changed.  They would like to put a list on the website so consumers can look up licensed contractors.  They are still fleshing this out.  They have a couple of different working titles.  Dan Sherry would also like to help.  Wille said if we can get the insurance companies involved, they can help to change laws.  A discussion ensued.  Ralph Lambiase suggested putting together something in writing so we can discuss it at the Board meeting and put it in our newsletter so we can get people to sign up.  Rob S. said after the meeting he and other SCECA Board members will continue the conversation with them.


By-Laws & Nominating:  Jack Morrell


Jack reported the nominations were officially opened last month.  It will stay open until the beginning of the May meeting, then the ballots will be closed.  All Officer positions are open.  Right  now, everyone holding the Officer spots are returning.   There are two Board of Director positions open – Mahesh Panchal and Brian McAuliffe who are both running.  If anyone wants to run, you are welcomed to.  We do have updated by-laws out.  We prefer to email the existing members.  All new members coming in will be given a hard copy.


Education/Seminars:  Rob Szalay, Mahesh Panchal, Scott Eastman


Rob S. reported we have a CEH class on April 29 on 1 & 2 Family Dwellings.  John Cangemi reported they revised the program every two years.  Rob S. said we still have some room.  And remember we are having small educational classes before our meetings.  Keep checking your emails.


Electrical Safety:  Robert Tschoke


Rob T. reported he thought he knew all about subcontracting.  Say he gets a job in Nassau but is licensed in Suffolk.  He thought if he partners with a licensed Nassau electrician, run the checks through his business and he is doing the job and Rob is overseeing the job, that it was alright to do.  But this is not the case.  So, check the rules and regulations.  Also, take heed to what Ryan Eden brought up tonight.  Document everything you do.  Take the time and have everything in order.  If you need to hire another person to do the paperwork, do it.  Have your employees sign paperwork and have the right equipment.  Lastly,  he was on a job at one of the places he owns and went into a crawlspace.  The incandescent bulb was screwed into a pull chain.  The tenant had broken the pull chain.  He turned the bulb and it exploded into fire.  He never saw that before.  It is really dangerous.  He got the fire out and nothing bad happened.  It was a Cutler Hammer panel and no arc faulting so he is installing arc faulting.


Jack reported two electricians were killed in a trench collapse.  We are going into the digging season now.  It is our nature to take risks and think it isn’t going to happen to you.  Take your OSHA classes.  Know your trench rules.  Be careful in the trenches.


Entertainment:  Dave Kennedy, Scott Eastman, Mahesh Panchal


Dave reported our June meeting will be at Smoky Bones and we will have the installation of the Board and Officers there.  We will have our dinner there.  We are not having our dinner dance this year.  Everyone is invited.  Food and drinks are sponsored by N&S Electric.  Rob S. added that N&S has been sponsoring our food all year and will continue through December.  Give a round of applause to N&S.  Tom Walsh said they are doing the same for NEL.


Good & Welfare: Joe Mikulas


Joe reported member Mark Paris had a heart attack.  He is fine now.  So, we sent best regards to Mark and his family.


Inspection Agencies: 


Certified Electrical Inspectors: #896-A Jim Smith was not present.  Rob Ceriello was not present.

East End Inspection Agency:  #1193-A Ed Seltenreich was not present.

EII: NYBFU:  #1109-A Philip Goehring and Richard Jendzo were not present.

Suffolk Bureau of Electrical Insp.: #856-A Gene Surdi was not present.

Long Island Electrical Inspectors: (Bay Shore): #1178-A Joe Deubel was not present.

Southampton Town:  Ron Linsalato was not present.

Alliance Electrical Inspect.  Ltd.: Michael Dumitru was not present.

Electrical Inspection Service (of East Patchogue):  Not present.


Licensing: Jack Morrell


Jack reported they have their meeting on the first Wednesday of every month.  He will bring up again that they are not mailing renewals; they will only do email.  Please check your Spam folder.  If it goes in Spam just drag it over to your inbox.  They are giving electricians a hard time if their license is expired.  They are starting to bring in the electricians that did not work for the person who signed the forms.  They are also looking to change the forms.  Not asking if they are qualified and for the time period they worked.


PSEG Representatives:  Joe Mikulas, Jack Morrell


Tom DiBella had nothing to report.  He complimented SCECA on having fantastic presenters today.  The meeting was top notch.  Jack reported the Trade Ally meetings started up again.  They will have a meeting on 4/27.  John Keating is running it.  There will be 2 or 3 guys from SCECA and hopefully 2 or 3 from NEL will be there and 5-Boro.  They used to have it pre-Covid.  The purpose is to go over key issues in a small environment to get the ball rolling.  If anyone has anything they want us to bring up, let Jack know.   It will be in Melville by Grainger.


Membership/Plaques & Awards:  Robert Tschoke/Brian McAuliff/Jack Morrell


Rob S. announced three new members:  Greg Pinnavaia of Two Phase Contracting in Holbrook, John Gilligan of Huntington Power in Islandia and Joseph Casalino of Monarch Electric in Port Washington.  Dave Kennedy swore them in and gave them their packets.  Joe Mikulas took their picture for the newsletter.


Nassau Electric League:  Mahesh Panchal, Ralph Lambiase, Scott Eastman


Tom Walsh reported NEL is having their annual installation dinner on 5/17 at the Fox Hollow.  Everyone here is invited.  Contact the office if you want to participate.  Next month they are having their meeting one hour earlier at Leviton.  Anyone can sponsor our Dinner dance.  Rob S. said to let us know the information so we can send out an email blast.  Mahesh reported they had a solar guy.  He gave a nice program on battery backup and commercial generators.


IAEI:  Mahesh Panchal, Ralph Lambiase, Scott Eastman, Tom Orlando


Rob Ceriello texted Rob S. and they do have their IAEI meeting on May 3.  They will be going over the Redbook with Jim Domozych of PSEG.  Same location: 45 Motor Ave. in South Farmingdale at the Community Center.  Mahesh reported they had a solar guy, and someone on bonding code.


MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS: (Rob Szalay, Brian McAuliff – Co-chairs, Joe Mikulas, Editor – “Light,” and Jack Morrell


Rob S. reported we will be launching our new website by the end of the month.  There will be advisers on it and a wealth of information on it.  Last month Brian McAuliff unveiled the new SCECA logo and the newsletter.  It is a rebranding for all of us.


Joe reported a lot of people are working toward this remarketing – officers, board members alike. With this rebranding – you probably saw the new cover of the light, a different print font but more importantly are the contents.  We are showing some interesting and unusual photos.  Sadly, some of them are pictures of electrical violations.  It is something that your customers should know about and be aware of.   They don’t know what is going on behind a door or attic.  Most recently Joe was doing an estimate where a guy is looking to have receptacles changes.  He asked John what he would need to do.  John replied you have to use tamper resistant where necessary, you may have to go GFCI and AFCI where necessary.  This customer has shallow old metal boxes; bx.  He will keep his fingers crossed with the arc fault breakers.  He guesses the message is bid high.   There is a great article in this month’s newsletter on AFCI written by our President Rob Szalay.  Finally, and thankfully to Ralph, to get some information in there about various code tidbits.  If you have something to contribute, an interesting story or unusual photo or ; you can do it through our website or email.  He always bends the arm of John Cangemi or Jim Smith for an article.


Rob S. reported we will be launching our new website next week.  We welcome your comments on it.  We have a new logo and website and we are getting new members in.  We are going in the right direction.


Rob S. introduced John McGinn of the Electrical Training Center and his students.  John reported he has ten students with him tonight.  They also teach HVAC.  They will be done with the training soon.  If anyone is interested in hiring helpers, let him know.  This is just his evening class.  They also have a morning and an afternoon class.  They teach them how to use tools and teach Electric 1, 2 and 3; just to name a few.  He also has brochures to give out.  Rob S. thanked the students for showing up and hoped they liked the meeting.

Rob S. thanks the vendors and the consultants for coming out tonight.


Energy Expo:  Rob Szalay, Jack Morrell, Dave Kennedy


Rob S. reported we are working on it.  We were trying to have it in late May but that is not going to happen.  But he had a strong response from a lot of vendors.  We will have it in Hauppauge at the Radisson, probably sometime in September.  The vendors wanted it pushed back.  It will be about energy.  It will be open to the public.  Will keep everyone posted on that.


Legislative Review:  Jack Morrell


Jack had nothing to report.


Old Business: 


Nothing to report.


New Business:


Member Dan Sherry heard the TPSF award goes directly to the school.  He would like to discuss giving the money directly to the students for a laptop or anything else they need.  Rob S. said this was discussed with the committee and that is what they decided.  Dan Sherry writes scholarships every year and they go directly to the students.  Rob S. said his comments are welcomed but the spirit of this was to improve the electrical industry.  Please speak to Dave after the meeting about it and share your ideas with him.




1 – Bluetooth speaker donated by Dan Nelson of Milwaukee Tools was won Willie Titterton.

5 – $70 cash prizes were won by Tom Walsh (donated to TPSF), Rob Tschoke, Patti Muldoon, Tom Orlando and Fred Solino (donated $20 to TPSF).


$100 attendance award was drawn for Laurence Bisso (#1037-C) who was not present to win.


A motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:15 p.m. was made by Tom Orlando and seconded by Rob Tschoke.


Respectfully submitted,




Barbara George                                                                      Dave Kennedy

Recording Secretary                                                     Secretary