Advocating and Educating Suffolk County's Electrical Contractors.

The One Source for Suffolk Electrical Contractors

SCECA was originally formed as a source of support and education for contractors, jobbers, manufacturers, appliance dealers, and motor shops on Long Island as the Nassau-Suffolk electric league. As the population of the Island grew, the Suffolk League became primarily an association of licensed electrical contractors and was renamed the Suffolk County Electrical Contractors Association, Inc., and was re-incorporated on December 18, 1974. Now, the SCECA offers seminars, education, and advocacy for those in the field.
Providing support and guidance for licensed electrical contractors, and those in training to become licensed contracts throughout Suffolk County.
We are a resource for licensed Electrical Contractors to continue their education to maintain their license. We also offer scholarship opportunities.
SCECA creates opportunities for electrical contractors to network—both personally and professionally—by building a support system for all of Suffolk County to improve education and further all of our connections.

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