The One Source for Suffolk Electrical Contractors

The Suffolk County Electrical Contractors Association started a “League,” in the 1940′s. Suffolk was then mainly comprised of farmland, and farmers performed much of their own work. Finding a good, reliable electrician was a task in and of itself. The only area then requiring a license was the Village of Patchogue.

A group of electricians wanted some “quality control,” and wished to expand their knowledge and understanding of the electrical trade. They formed a group and met at the “Old Polish Hall” in Patchogue, and met with the only inspection agency at the time, the New York Board of Fire Underwriters. Eventually, the group incorporated, grew and developed to today’s Association, comprised of Contractor and Associate members. However, their purpose remains largely unchanged: At our meetings, members avail themselves of the knowledge and experience of their peers, inspection agencies, and our power authority, as well as professionals associated with our trade. We encourage our members to observe and promote the hallmarks of Progress, Reliability, Safety and Integrity.

SCECA History


The Suffolk County Electrical Contractors Association, Inc. was originally organized in 1916 as the Nassau-Suffolk Electric League, Inc. as an organization serving electrical contractors, electrical jobbers, appliance dealers, electric motor shops, electrical manufacturers, various electric utilities, and other connected with the electrical industry of both Long Island counties.


As the population of Long Island mushroomed after World War II and Suffolk ceased to be a strictly rural county, the original organization became two chapters of that League, each representing the diversified needs of its own county. On October 20, 1948 the Suffolk Chapter was incorporated as the Suffolk County Electric League, Inc.


As the island grew in population over the years, the utilities merge, the contractors, jobbers, manufacturers, appliance dealers, and motor shops grew in size and numbers. They formed new organizations which reflected their special needs, and the Suffolk League became primarily an association of licensed electrical contractors. To reflect the changing character of this organization, the Suffolk League was renamed the Suffolk County Electrical Contractors Association, Inc., and was re-incorporated on December 18, 1974.

Present Day

We continue to work in close cooperation with the electrical contractors of Nassau County on all matters which are beneficial to our joint interests, and also with electrical contractors throughout New York State on matters of statewide interest to the electrical contracting industry.