May SCECA General Meeting

Meeting Details


Thursday, May 16, 2024


7:00 PM


Courtyard Marriott
5000 Express Dr. S, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
(Next to Red Lobster and Smokey Bones)

Phone: (631) 612-5000

Program Topic:

United Rentals

Vendor of the month:

United Rentals

Food Provided By:

N&S Supply

Come and find out all the: tools, benders, pullers, lifts, and other items you can rent and the many services that United Rentals can offer that can make your projects easier and more profitable.

In addition, we will have a code forum lead by our code experts: Jim Smith and John Canjemi.

Also, we will be voting for the slate of Officers and Directors for the 2024-2025 term.


Meeting Minutes


S.C.E.C.A. General Membership Meeting Minutes

There were approximately 38 members in attendance. Those Officers and Board of Directors present were: Rob Szalay, Rob Tschoke, Tom Orlando, Dave Kennedy, Joe Mikulas, Jack Morrell, and Mahesh Panchal.

Excused: Ralph Lambiase.

Called to Order: 7:18 p.m.

Rob Szalay led the Pledge of Allegiance. A motion to accept the General Meeting Minutes of 4/18/24 was made by Rob Tschoke and seconded by Joe Mikulas.

**President’s Report:

Rob S. introduced Mike Todisco who is part of the apprenticeship program. He deferred his report.


Treasurer’s Report: Tom Orlando

Tom O. reported for the month ending April 2024 the income was $7,259.23 and the expenses were $6,996.97. Everything is running well. Dues notices go out July 1st. You will all be getting emails that your dues are now due. If you pay for the 2-year membership, it only costs $200 a year. A yearly membership is $225. A motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report was made by Jack Morrell and seconded by Mahesh Panchal.

Secretary’s Report: David Kennedy

Dave reported our June meeting will be held at On the Border restaurant at 45 Middle Ave. in Holtsville near Island 16 movie theaters. Our installation and swearing in of officers and board members will take place. If you are a member, you are welcome to come. There will be 2 free drinks per person for members; the rest of the drinks are on you. Food is free. Rob S. added that we are not having a normal June meeting like we usually do. We are not going over business. It is free of charge for members. We may be sitting outside if weather permits. A motion to accept the Secretary’s Report was made by Jason Goetz and seconded by Mike Towers.

Legal Counsel: Michael Ganz

Mike Ganz was not present. Rob S. said if anyone has any legal questions, they can email us or Mike directly.

Insurance: Patti Muldoon from Borg & Borg, Wally Boorum from Sunrise Benefits Solutions, Diane Mullahey-Senior from Executive Ins. & Financial Svcs.

Wally reported he puts articles in the “Light” every month. This current article is about life insurance because there may be a need for it in sole proprietorships and partnerships. If this is a concern, read his informative article in the “Light.” You can call him with any questions. He also introduced Rich Sieber. He and his wife own Sieber CPA. He has a background in construction companies, clientele, closely held business and contractors.
Patti and Diane were not present. Rob S. said you can call Patti or Diane with insurance questions also. They are here to help you.
PROGRAMS: Tommy Ryan, Territory Manager, from United Rentals gave an informative program on all their equipment rentals. They rent everything from scissor lifts to bucket trucks. They rent tools and specialty equipment. They will do specs for your job; there is no charge for that. They offer safety training and certification through United Academy. Some classes they offer are: OSHA 10/30, Operator Certification, Fall Protection, and Trench & Evacuation Safety. You can take classes online or schedule a training at one of their branches or your worksite. You get a temporary card that day and the official card a few weeks later. It is a 3-year certification. When the 3 years are coming up, they will email you a reminder. The renewals cost less money. Jim Smith thought the OSHA certification is good for life but expires in the city. Jack explained Tommy is talking about lifts and all the equipment which is separate. Tommy said they also rent wire pullers, pipe threaders and walk behind trenchers. Mike Towers asked about rental time on tools. Tommy said a day minimum. Besides renting they also sell new and used equipment. They carry all major brands. They offer customer service on equipment even if you did not buy from them. They service bobcats and caterpillars. They have locations in Suffolk County in East Patchogue and Deer Park. They will deliver and pick up equipment. If you have an account with them, you can put their app on your phone to schedule services calls and pickups or delivery on equipment. He is giving away t-shirts and hats in the back.

Mike Todisco, Founder and President of Apprenticeship Connections gave a presentation on his company. An apprenticeship program has on-the-job training for workers while they earn a full-time wage and take educational courses. He assists employers to become sponsors. He streamlines the application process and provides support for long-term success. If you want to bid on a public job, you must have an apprenticeship program. Young individuals want to get in the industry. He has 3 individuals here tonight to network. He would like the members to give them advice. He does this for all industries. He explained that unions are group sponsors but non-unions can become their own individual sponsors. The employee needs 900 hours. BOCES classes can be credited toward those hours. So now as an employer, you do not have to pay for those hours. When the employee learns more skills, they will earn more money. It is an investment in these young people and we can show them a path. The job is to ensure success and there are different ways of doing that. If you hire him, he can get you on an apprenticeship program. First you would hire someone and observe them for 2 to 3 months. If they have proven themselves, then put them in an apprenticeship program. You can take those hours that they worked toward the program. One member said he took the trouble to train someone and they left shortly after. Jack said at his company they never put a new employee in the program. They only put one that has worked for them at least two years. Jack was at an apprenticeship meeting the other day and he sees every town is trying to get the program. They just passed a law they will start charging jobs you have to pay the rate even if it is not your office. They are going through every avenue. An apprentice that is driving 75 miles, has to get a journeyman rate. They are passing all these little laws. No one cares because it does not affect them. It takes up to a year to get a program up and running and it has to be approved by NYS. Rob S. said members can ask Mike more questions after the meeting.

Code Experts – John Cangemi and Jim Smith gave a slide show on equipotential bonding. This is required to reduce voltage gradients in the pool area. It puts all metallic parts around and associated with the pool at the same voltage potential. The green wire has to be grounded; the brown wire is the bond. Pool water has to be bonded. Use correct clamps to bond heater and pool pumps. The clamp has to be 9” squared to bond the water. A ladder can be a bond for your water. Circulating systems can act as a pool bond. Get your pool inspected before you pour concrete. A storable pool (42 inches or less) does not have to be bonded. A permanent pool in the ground or partially in the ground or inside or more than 42” depth has to be bonded. A question-and-answer session followed.

Rob S. announced last month we had Joe from Monarch Electric give a great presentation on what they offer from Southwire. Our other supplier, N&S, has sponsored our food for the entire year.


By-Laws & Nominating: Jack Morrell

Jack announced according to our by-laws since everyone up for vote is running unopposed, our Secretary Dave Kennedy will cast one ballot for all. Dave as Secretary cast one vote and read the slate on the ballot: Rob Tschoke, President, Mahesh Panchal, Vice President, Tom Orlando, Treasurer, Dave Kennedy, Secretary and two Board positions Mike Towers and John Ricciardi. They will be sworn in at the June meeting.

Education/Seminars: Rob Szalay, Mahesh Panchal, Ralph Lambiase

Rob S. reported we have a class on 6/8. The classes fill up fast. This is our last class until September.

Electrical Safety: Robert Tschoke, Ralph Lambiase

Rob T. reported John Cangemi and Jim Smith sent an article about a circuit board from Frank Adam Co. and its history. He will leave the article out for anyone to read.

Entertainment: Dave Kennedy, Scott Eastman, Mahesh Panchal

Dave reported under Secretary report. Rob S. said as a reminder we are having our June meeting at On the Border in Holtsville.

Good & Welfare: Joe Mikulas

Joe had nothing to report.

Inspection Agencies:

Certified Electrical Inspectors: #896-A Rob Ceriello was present. He reported under IAEI.
East End Inspection Agency: #1193-A Ed Seltenreich was not present.
EII: NYBFU: #1109-A Philip Goehring was not present and Rich Jendzo was present. Rich
Suffolk Bureau of Electrical Insp.: #856-A Gene Surdi was not present.
Southampton Town: Ron Linsalato was not present.
Alliance Electrical Inspect. Ltd.: Michael Dumitru was not present.

Licensing: Jack Morrell, Rob Szalay

Jack reported every month they are cracking down on the fellows that have licenses that are not their primary business. Whoever is removing shelved licenses, they have to come before the board. We have one more meetings next week and then we are shut down for the summer. Mike Towers added there are a couple of things they are doing in the department. A lot of the enforcement will be looking at the advertisements online. That is good enough to go after them. It is easier to find them online then to go out in the field. Also, every license renewal is being checked online also. If you are an electrician and advertise as a plumber with no license, they will come after you.

PSEG Representatives: Joe Mikulas, Jack Morrell, Rob Szalay

Rich Inserra reported he has good news and bad news. They are looking to do an update of the Redbook. It has not been done in 7 years. If you have anything you want clarified or have questions on, submit it to SCECA. The committee will start in a month or two. Bad news is we do not have any current transformers for metering. Will not have until June. We have supply chain issues. We have been going out to inactive accounts for the CT and scavenging them, testing and refurbishing them. It is a nationwide problem. We are looking at a new CT that GE is coming out with. Can use it for 400-to-800-amp services. The Public Service Commission has to approve it first. Riser fees for 200- and 400-amp services are $270. That has not been updated in many years. It will go up quite a bit now. The increase will be phased over a period of 3 to 4 years. The fee is looking closer to $1,200. Next year it might be $400 and then go up every year. We will also be charging for commercial risers for secondary services. Tom O. asked about new underground services. Rich said you will get a discount for the underground service. If you have secondaries to a pole there will be a fee if it is not in place yet.

Membership/Plaques & Awards, Skills USA: Robert Tschoke, Brian McAuliff, /Jack Morrell

Rob S. announced we have 3 Skills USA contest winners. Jack and Rob S. judged the competition and it was very close. All 3 get a certificate and check. Joe took a picture of them for the newsletter.
1st place winner: Logan Chinappi, 2nd place winner: Jose Hernandez, 3rd place winner, Jason Forte.

Rob T. had nothing to report. Rob S. reported our membership is growing, which is a good thing. The more members we get the more beneficial to the organization.

Nassau Electric League: Mahesh Panchal, Ralph Lambiase, Tom Orlando

Matteo reported they are having their installation dinner next Friday night at Verdi on the Green in Westbury. You can still buy tickets. Bring your wives; it is a ladies night. They monthly meetings are done. They start up again the 2nd Wednesday in September at the Knights of Columbus in Hicksville.

IAEI: (Independent Alliance for the Electrical Industry) Mahesh Panchal, Ralph Lambiase, Tom Orlando

Rob Ceriello reported they had their normal meeting in May. The presentation was on swimming pools – bonding and grounding. Not supposed to but they did a code class on 2020. They had a few people from Suffolk and Nassau attend. The meter main in the 2020 code not in effect yet. It is an emergency disconnect for the firemen. That was brought up at the NEL meeting. We do not know when the State will adopt the 2023 code. It has not happened yet. He wished everyone a healthy and safe summer. Matteo added that even though it will be in the code, until PSEG puts it in the Redbook, they would not require it. Rob S. added it will not be enforceable until it becomes code. Dan Sherry added that Leviton is ahead on this. Their main has 8 breakers. The main outside and straight through the feeder.

Rich Jendzo announced that this October is the 100th anniversary of the IAEI. It will be held at the Sheraton in Valley Forge PA. If you go you will see a lot of new stuff. It is at the end of October. Rob Ceriello said the IAEI has been around for 100 years. It used to be called the International Association of Electrical Inspectors. Many have aged out. They are trying to get all the professionals to join the association. They have changed their name to Independent Alliance of the Electrical Industry. He runs the meetings on Long Island. We used to have two chapters here; we do not have the Peconic anymore. Young people can join as a student for $100 a year. They have tutorials online or come to a meeting. We have 8 meetings a year. We also do code renewals. The IAEI certifies the inspectors. They join the International Code Council for certain certifications. Rich Jendzo added they have breakout classes at the international meetings and that can count towards your certification as an inspector.

MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS: (Rob Szalay, Brian McAuliff – Co-chairs, and Jack Morrell)
Joe Mikulas, Editor – “Light,”

Rob S. had nothing to report.

Joe reported as of September the newsletter should be all online. He is working on a program right now that if it works properly, you may see the June come out that way. Either way, we will have the photos and the winners with their families as well as the article from Cangemi in the June issue.

Energy Expo: Rob Szalay, Jack Morrell, Dave Kennedy

Rob S. reported last year we had our first Expo and will be doing it again with NEL. Will keep you appraised of that. It will be about the same time as last year – in October.

Legislative Review: Jack Morrell

Jack reported on the apprenticeship program after Mike Todisco’s presentation.

Old Business:

Nothing to report.

New Business:

Nothing to report.


3 – $85 cash prizes were won by Phil O’Sullivan, Kevin MacLeod and Mike Towers.
1- $80 cash prizes were won by Reynaldo Ortiz.

$100 attendance award was drawn for Keith Ray (#1227-A) who was not present to win.

A motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:50 p.m. was made by Jack Morrell and seconded by Joe Mikulas.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara George Dave Kennedy
Recording Secretary Secretary